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Dublin Remembers the Children of Gaza

Wed. 8th July from 10.00 am

Sandymount Strand near Bull Wall

On the morning of Wednesday 8th July, the first day of PalFest Ireland, to mark the first anniversary of start of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, there will be an art installation placed on Dublin’s famous Sandymount Strand, immortalised by James Joyce in Ulysses.
It will comprise 556 white infant vests on uprights, representing the 556 Palestinian children whose lives were brutally cut short in Gaza last July in the Israeli attacks that left over 2,200 Palestinians dead.
The vision contrasts the natural feelings of love and nurturing symbolized by the infant vests in the open air, with the deathly eeriness of the D-Day beach cemeteries, signifying the place of death and lament Gaza’s beach was turned into by Israeli mortars a year ago, and bringing home the horrific scale of the slaughter inflicted on Gaza, Palestine.
The artists involved in this event have come together in solidarity with the Palestinian people a year after the horrific attacks on Gaza, including the murder by Israeli gunboat mortars of four boys aged 9 and 10 years on the beach in Gaza. These were cousins Ahed, Zakariah, Ismail and Muhammad Bakr, all children of Gaza fishermen.
This event was witnessed by the world’s media, yet Israel has compounded the crime in recent days by declaring the deliberate murders “an accident of war”.
If art is to have any functional meaning, it has to challenge lies and obfuscation, it has to resist self-serving propaganda, and it has to champion the expression of truth. That’s why, a year later, Irish Artists in Support of Palestine have organized PalFest Ireland, and that’s why NO MORE – Dublin Remembers The Children Of Gaza is the opening visual art event of the festival. We must never forget what was done to Gaza last year, including especially the 556 children killed, and the thousands of children injured, as well as all the children of Gaza in particular, and Palestine in general, traumatized from infancy with fear by the relentlessly criminal actions of the state of Israel.
People around Ireland have made the individual items of the exhibition, each representing a lost child of Gaza. Others have donated their own children’s baby vests for the installation. A team of Irish artists and prop makers have worked long hours of volunteer skilled labour to create the elements of NO MORE – Dublin Remembers The Children Of Gaza.
The installation will be installed by the PalFest Ireland artistic team from dawn, and photographed and filmed for sending around the world so that what was done to Gaza last year may never be let happen again, and as a gesture of support from the Irish artistic community to the people of Palestine.
The installation is based on an original exhibition by artist Tracy Walsh.



Filmbase, Curved St, Dublin

Tues 7th- Thurs 16th July, 9.30am-8.30pm 

Admission Free, donations welcome


‘Sumud // Steadfastedness’ brings together three photographic projects about Gaza. Six children who witnessed massacres during Israel’s 2008 bombardment were tutored by Belgian photographer Asmaa Seba in 2012-2013. The result is ‘Gaza Seen By Its Children’, 24 photos that have been shown around the world. Beside this is ‘Obliterated Families’ by Anne Paq, whose subject is the extraordinary statistic that in the 2014 Israeli offensive 142 families in Gaza lost three or more members. Finally, Fatin Al Tamimi has documented acts of solidarity with Palestine in Ireland. ‘Sumud // Steadfastedness’ is part of PalFest Ireland, an arts festival run by Irish artists in support of Palestine.


Steambox, School Street, Dublin 8

Wed 8th – Sat 11th July

12.00 – 6.00 pm daily


A visual exhibition for Palestine will take place in the main gallery in Steambox juxtaposing work by Will Saint Ledger, Jim Fitzpatrick, Aka Crap, James Kirwan, Lucy Vigne Welsh and Killian Redmonk with a body of cartoons by the assassinated political Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali.

Steambox is located in an old school in Dublin 8, it is a complex of studios and a research centre for Studies in Technological and Experimental Arts and Media, developed by IMOCA, which is an artist-led non government funded initiative dedicated to advancing awareness and appreciation of experimental and emerging art.

Exhibition shall be on display Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 – 6pm. All welcome.