Silk Road Cafe, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle

Friday 10th July, 3pm-4pm

Admission free, donations welcome

Irish poets read in solidarity with Palestine, and Palestinian guests read their favourite poems. The five Irish poets will read a few of their own works and a Palestinian poem of their choice, and Palestinians living in Ireland will read a poem from their culture. Featured poets include John F. Deane and Seamus Cashman, who have visited Palestine and written extensively about their experiences there; Pat Boran, publisher, Dedalus Press; Rita Ann Higgins, poet and dramatist from Galway and Catherine Ann Cullen from Dublin. The reading is an act of memory for those killed in Gaza in July 2014, and a chance to stand with the Palestinians in their daily struggles. The venue is the renowned Silk Road Café, run by Palestinian chef Abraham Phelan, which is on the ground floor of the Chester Beatty Library. The library, set in the grounds of Dublin Castle, has an extensive collection of Asian art and artefacts. Further information about the event from Catherine Ann Cullen at cacullen@tcd.ie.


Palestine and The Poetry of Resistance – Podcast

Available on – bogmanscannon.com

A podcast celebrating the inspiring poetry of Palestine, past and present. Irish writers choose their favourite palestinian poems, coupled with recordings of some of the best contemporary Palestinian poets.

In Palestinian poetry is far more than the vehicle for the formulaic expression of conventional liberal sentiments that it has by and large become in the english speaking world. In Palestinan poetry it is the telling of the passionate, unrestrained truths of the heart in the face of censorship and misinformation on a global scale It is the soul’s rebellion against the Empire of lies. It is the people’s will to freedom expressed in unbroken melodies that will make your imagination soar in response. Tune in to be inspired.