Luthier_vue_1THE LUTHIER

by Lucy Caldwell

Wednesday 8th July 1.00pm

The New Theatre, Temple Bar

Admission Free, donations welcome

The Luthier by Lucy Caldwell is a monologue inspired by a story in the New York Times in June 2009.

The play centres around a young apprentice luthier – a violin repairman – in Ramallah. His name is Dawood Al-Suleiman, and his story reveals, as he repairs a violin, a memory from ten years previously, when he was aged nine. His friend Yusuf found what he thought was a porn video. When the gang of boys discovered, after much anticipation, that it was not the case, they chased Yusuf into the street – “White phosphorus ignites in the air and when it comes in contact with the skin it burns to the bone and beyond. It burns at 816˚ Celsius or 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit until the oxygen supply is cut off or there is nothing left to burn. You can stand on the other side of the street and watch your mother and your sister and your baby brothers melt and turn to smoke before your eyes and there is nothing you can do, nothing”.

Lucy Caldwell is an award-winning writer, and winner of the Rooney Prize for Literature 2012.
The Show is Directed by Davey Kelleher and Performed by Rob Malone.

The Luthier was first commissioned by Origin Theatre Company New York (Artistic Director George C. Heslin) for First Irish Festival and opened at 59E59 Theatre in October 2009.

There will be a post-show discussion about the issue of Cultural Boycott of Israel with invited speakers.

gaza-monologues-txtTHE GAZA MONOLOGUES

Wednesday 8th July 3.30 pm

The Pearse Centre,

27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Admission Free, donations welcome

The Gaza monologues were created during a project held over six months at the Ashtar Theatre in Gaza. It brought together local teenagers and through a series of workshops it explored the effects the war had on them. They each wrote and performed monologues. A group of local Dublin youths will perform these monologues for this production.


by Hannah Khalil

Thursday 9th July at 1.00pm

The New Theatre, Temple Bar

Admission Free, donations welcome

London-based Irish-Palestinian writer Hannah Khalil’s play Bitterenders, a black comedy about a Palestinian family in Jerusalem who are forced to share their house with Israeli settlers, won the Sandpit Arts’ Bulbul 2013 competition and was staged at The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton. A compelling mixture of Beckett-meets-McDonagh set in Jerusalem under the Israeli occupation regime.
Directed by Jeda De Bri, Performed by  Áine Ní Mhuirí (Ballykissangel), Michael Bates (Fair City), Hannah Mamalis and Anne Byrne.


We are Rachel Corrie/What’s Left of the Flag


Thursday 9th July at 8pm

The O’Reilly Theatre, Tickets €10 (for double bill with Rachel Corrie)

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Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, USA. On 16th March 2003, Rachel Corrie was crushed to death while while undertaking nonviolent direct action, protecting the home of a Palestinian family from illegal demolition by an Israeli military bulldozer

‘We are Rachel Corrie’ is a theatre event based on Rachel Corrie’s correspondence to her parents during her time in Palestine. Rachel’s thoughtful, sometimes heartbreaking letters home to her parents, demand action from those of us who enjoy that same white western privelege. ‘We are Rachel Corrie’ is intended as an act of solidarity with the people of Palestine, as an act of remembrance of Rachel Corrie and as an artistic act of challenge to our government and to us as Irish citizens to come to the defence of the people of Palestine and to remember that along with Rachel Corrie, thousands of Palestinian men, women and children have been killed as a result of the Israeli occupation and siege.

Directed by Rachael Dowling, adapted by Sorcha Fox

Performed by Sorcha Fox, Mary Murray, Ciara O’Callaghan, Maeve Fitzgerald, Sorcha Furlong, Donal O’Kelly, Ellen Cranitch. Music composed and performed by Ellen Cranitch and Jane Hughes


by Jimmy Murphy

In a new version of Jimmy Murphy’s play ‘What’s left of the Flag’, a Palestinian woman living in exile prepares to deliver a speech in public as two Mossad hitmen wait to assassinate her once she is on the podium in front of the crowd. This will be a staged reading of this tough play, setting it into a new cultural context.

Directed by Joe O’Byrne, Designed by Robert Ballagh, Music by Ise Downes, Choreographed by Lisa Tyrell, Performed by David Herlihy, Rex Ryan, Kate Luoise Gilmore, Daragh McCarthy.

Video Artist Daragh McCarthy

Olive Trees by Van Gogh


by Katie O’Kelly

Friday 10th July 1.00 pm

The New Theatre, Temple Bar

Admission Free, donations welcome

‘She’s speaking to me. The olive tree….’

It’s 2014, and the fourth Israeli bombardment in ten years has begun in Gaza.
A naïve but well-meaning BDS supporter refuses to buy Israeli goods in Dublin.
And the Palestinian olive tree of history comes to life before her…

A lyrical sprint from the fluorescent lights of Clontarf’s Spar to the dusty rubble of Gaza, The Olive Tree is a reaction to the helplessness felt by many watching the attacks last year on our TV screens. A short theatre performance written and performed by Katie O’Kelly and underscored with music by the wonderful Imogen Gunner, it will be followed by a post-show talk on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign.

1322663437-screen_shot_2011-11-30_at_8.29.31_amSEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN

by Caryl Churchill

Friday 10th July 9.45 pm

The Abbey Theatre

Admission Free, donations welcome

Seven Jewish Children is a ten minute history of Israel, ending with the bombing of Gaza. It was first performed at The Royal Court Theatre, London in 2009. Caryl Churchill stipulates that there will be no admission charge and a collection will be made for Medical Aid For Palestinians after the show.

Medical Aid for Palestinians is a humanitarian aid agency with over 25 years of experience working on the ground across the Middle East. MAPs team in Gaza pre-positioned emergency surgical kits and responded immediately to save lives when the attacks began in December. MAP is now taking a leading role in coordinating and delivering desperately needed aid and medical supplies inside Gaza.

The piece will be performed on the Abbey Stage at 9.45pm after the evening’s performance of ‘Shadow of a Gunman’.

Director: Maisie Lee, Composer and Sound design: Jack Cawley, Movement Director: Sue Mythen, Costume Design: Barbara McCarthy. Cast: Brendan Conroy, Neili Conroy, Peter Daly, David Fennell,y Sorcha Fox, Katie Honan,
Marcus Lamb, Eleanor Methven, Katie O’Kelly, Shane O’Reilly, Frank O’Sullivan, Sarah-Jayne Quigley,
Marie Ruane

Immediately after this short performance Dr. Mads Gilbert will give The Noble Call from the stage. Mads forcefully captured public attention and imagination during the bombardment last year whilst working in Gaza’s Shifa hospital. PalFest is honoured to present an opportunity to hear him speak from the stage of our National Theatre.

Tarek al-QutoFOOT

by Ismail Khalidi

Saturday 11th July 2.00 pm

Dalymount Park Members Lounge

Admission Free, donations welcome

Foot is a one-man play by US-based Palestinian writer Ismail Khalidi. It’s set in a Palestinian refugee camp in 2007 and concerns a young Palestinian footballer and soccer fan. He does an internal tour of the history of Palestinian soccer, including the Israeli bombing of the stadium on Gaza in March 2006, and the killing by Israeli forces of Palestinian international midfielder Tarieq Al Quto in June 2006.

Playwright Ismail Khalidi was born in Beirut Lebanon is best known for the plays Tennis in Nablus (2010) and Truth Serum Blues (2005). Tennis in Nablus received two graduate student Kennedy Center Honors in 2008 while he was still at NYU, the Mark Twain Comedy Playwriting Award and the Quest for Peace Playwriting Award. He has been a New York Theatre Workshop Artist Fellow. His poetry includes Foot (2007), Routine Procedure(s) 2: Prayer Beads of Cold Sweat or Driving While Izlaamic (2006) and Routine Procedure(s) (2004).
Foot is directed by highly-regarded theatre director and actor Michael James Ford, Performed by Elliot Moriarty. Associate Producer Ken McCue.
Foot is being presented in Ireland’s former international stadium, Dalymount Park Dublin, site of the famous Dalymount Roar, in association with SARI (Soccer Against Racism in Ireland) as a mark of solidarity with the Palestinian football community.