Clever, bold video art from Norway. 7 mins well worth a look. #BDS

PalFest Ireland

PalFest Ireland is a lively, positive and culturally rich arts festival which includes music, theatre, spoken word and visual arts events to promote a cultural connection between Ireland and Palestine.

Three Norwegian artists created an imaginative video challenge to the National Theatre of Norway's ongoing collaboration with the National Theatre of Israel. Pia Maria Roll, Marius von der Fehr and Gjertrude Jynge have created something clever, important and bold. 7 mins well worth watching. It's embedded here in this piece in Electronic Intifada that gives the background and reaction also. ...

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Hey PalFest friends. I need a storage space urgently for some props from previous PalFest activities. Its a small amount of stuff, it would fit in 2 shopping trolleys. Anyone of you able to volunteer us a place in your garage, shed, warehouse or whatever you have? Please share. ...

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